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BerryCam Express

Control your Raspberry Pi camera module from any device.

Download project as: .zip file tar.gz file

Taking pictures with your Raspberry Pi camera module just got easier.

WIth instant previews, and easy to use camera settings, using BerryCam Express is easy. Using tne touch controls in an easy to use interface removes the need to fiddle around with the command line interface (although we recommend that you give it a try) and allows you to use the Raspberry Pi camera as a serious image capture tool.

Using Node and Knockout JavaScript libraries, BerryCam Express allows you to access the same interface as the original BerryCam app for iOS, using fully open source components. The result is a super modular JavaScript web-app that you serve up directly from the Pi, and there's no limits to the devices you can connect. BerryCam Now works with any device on any platform that uses a web browser.

Mobile devices include:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile

Other operating systems include:

  • MacOS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

A great way to take images.

We've worked hard to maximise what you can get out of the camera. From beautiful, crisp still images with all the original built-in image effects; to creating stunning timelapse sequences (coming soon) with easy control over shot interval and running time. Control all your camera settings from within the app, and quickly preview and share your images.

A great way to learn about code.

After all the Raspberry Pi is about learning! BerryCam Express is a great way to learn more about developing software using current technologies like JavaScript, Node, HTML5, LESS.

The app itself is written in a way that will help you get to grips with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), MVVM, MVC and Test Driven Development (TDD). So BerryCam Express is a great project for those looking to brush up their knowledge in these areas or even as a supporting part of a curriculum or study project of your own.

We've supplied all the source code that will allow you to customise the app to your own requirements. We really cannot wait to see what people out there will do with the app!

What you will need.

There is a great startup guide here:

Getting started and support.

Download the source in .zip or .tar formats and read the documentation on the GitHub repository which will show you how to install BerryCam Express and all the necessary frameworks.

Or you can clone the GitHub repository MASTER branch directly to your Raspberry Pi using:

$ git clone


Guidance on installation, and how to use BerryCam is also available on the BerryCam Express Wiki

Technical Support

If you need to ask us a question, or have issues related to installation or usage of BerryCam Express please take a look on our issues pages

Still want to use the native iOS app?

The native app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is still available. Download on the App Store and get more information on setting up BerryCam on the Fotosyn website

Download on the App Store